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Born out of a passion for paper and a love for art, Tracy Balkin Paper Art (formerly Ravissant Exquisite Paper Filigree) presents a selection of original and unique hand-made paper filigree artwork, also known as quilling. Each piece of art is made with the utmost care and precision and is sold professionally framed. The range includes blessings for the home, workplace and children; corporate logos; family trees and abstract art. All pieces are custom made to any colour and size and make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

I discovered the joy of quilling in 2011, while living in Luxembourg and travelling through Europe. 


I have a Bachelor or Arts Degree in Graphic Design as well as a Diploma in Interior Design. I am passionate about all things paper and have 20 years experience in the Arts industry. ​

My work has been sold locally and internationally and is proudly displayed in the USA, Britain, Israel, Canada and Australia.

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